I understand over the past few months the server has went and updates have been non-existent. Please understand that the Minecraftier management team have been working behind the scenes to bring new builds and new quests to try and push us into a better position for release.

Unfortunately I am writing this to you to ask for your help and support. While we understand some people would like to support us financially we appreciate that massively as it always helps with server running costs and development; at this current juncture in time we are in desperate need of physical support. We are looking to take on a team of approximately 3-4 extra individuals to help us set up and run Minecraftier in the long term.

What we are currently looking for in our team are the following:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Build Project Supervisor
  • Storyline Supervisor

If you are interested in any of these roles then please feel free to drop me a message on discord for further information and to be put forward for this position.

Thanks for your continued help and support through these challenging times.

Kind Regards,
Carter & Jack

Minecraftier Management Team

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