Vote For MineCraftier

Voting for MineCraftier will help us grow and further expand the community at reduced costs compared to paid marketing. We understand that voting daily and being limited to vote to one server per site per day can be a tough choice to make. We appreciate every single vote and we hope to continue making MineCraftier a fun and exciting community to be a part of.

MineCraft Voting Rewards

All votes are redeemed and rewarded on the main Hub/RPG server. However, voting does reward you on our other servers as well with the redemption of Vote Points.

Vote points can redeem ELUA-friendly freatures for your account as well as activate amazing one-off and timed perks for all players. If you are looking for a way to give back to MineCraftier that doesn’t involve finanical contribution we highly encourage regular voting.

Voting Rewards Awarded

More information will be added soon. This information is a placeholder message as we haven’t worked out the overall specifcs of voting rewards as of 19/10/2020.

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