Our MineCraft Servers

We are an old network being revived from 2013 with a fresh start but all the knowledge and lessons taught from the last network brought forward with us to build an exciting new network. This network’s ‘wow’ factor is improving by the week and we encourage to check back later. If you are reading this basically we still aren’t satisfied with the server and we are of course open to suggestions.

Hub / RPG

We have reinvented the hub as being more of a centralised server that you regularly visit on MineCraftier and every time you log in. The Hub is its own MineCraft server, where you can train McMMO skills in a unique way similar to other MMORPG leveling systems. You will be able to mine, smelt, cut, and craft different items based on your McMMO ranks and other factors such as quest requirements.

Plot Server

This server uses a premium version of PlotSquared that utilizes some of the RPG skills and features permittable. We have made this server as relaxed as possible including having a separate and easy to access server item shop, just in case you don’t like traveling shop to shop on RPG. We allow our players to have freedom over how they pay on our network and the Plot server is an open world for creativity. You can buy most building materials so you can learn, build, and improve your Plot home OR you can smuggle them off to the Survival server to fortify your bases.

You also have access to special admin made plots where we create fun games, PvP zones and mob arenas for the fun of it with your friends. If you don’t want to spend economy cash to build plots and just want to play just creative, we also have a Creative server.

Survival Server

Good old fashion Factions & PvP server. At the moment it is basic but work will be done on it.

Creative Server

Creative PlotSquared server with merge plot capabilities to all players. Plots are expensive to buy so you may need to accrue some time and income on other servers first before you play on Creative.

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