MineCraftier & Our History

MineCraftier was a server that started early 2012 and was started out of the owner’s curiosity (EwfsPrince / Carter) in MineCraft servers after real life friends of his started playing the game and hosting their own servers which had basic WorldEdit and WorldGuard plugins to protect land.

EwfsPrince started a server and recruited ‘asnopus’ who was also a real life friend started playing around on the server and I was filling in my world using schematics I had found over the internet. After adding the server to a voting list site and paying a few hundred dollars our server got bumped and grew over the course of a few days.

EwfsPrince said that “I hadn’t checked the server for a few days because of work and I came on and there were 12 people online and I was really confused.” and also said that he messaged asnopus straight away telling him to get on the server.

“A few days later after work asnopus messages me and tells me he’s been busy banning people and really unsure how to operate my server when I wasn’t around.”

It wasn’t long until MineCraftier was an active community with Mods, Admins and all sorts of players online really enjoying our server.

MineCraftier Golden Years

MineCraftier was around for 3 years until it closed due to multiple complicating reasons. But during that time we had over 500k players on our books and our main servers at the time were:

  • Hub Server
  • Survival Server
  • PvP Server
  • Creative Server
  • Skyblock Server
  • Events Server
  • Zombie Server

We were one of the first servers to use a BungeeCord-like plugin that enabled proxied servers. However, I can’t recall what software it was at the time, but it was used on ObsidianCraft, one of the few hub servers existing with its own developers. I believe the owner sold that plugin to me? (Unable to confirm). The capabilities of us pulling off a proxy network in 2012-2013 made us a popular choice.

Players valued our professionalism and the way we kept the servers running smoothly with drama-free, and that wasn’t to say we were a perfect community. We had our flaws, but one thing that warms my heart with pride and motivates us to restart our network is getting inboxes saying they have a nostalgia reaction when they think of our network. We have been told that we were “the” network they played MineCraft on during the golden years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to recreate a community that represents the values we stood for with our last network and to provide similar nostalgia experiences from the past while creating exciting new RPG features to bridge our servers together in an original way.

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